Nitrogen generator from “Grasys” employed in packaging of “Barin” potato chips

2 June 2017

Nitrogen adsorption generator has been supplied and commissioned for the CJSC «Ozery» — a Russian manufacturer of potato chips under the trade name «Barin». The product nitrogen will be employed in packaging of the chips.

Capacity of the generator is 32 m3 of nitrogen per hour, purity of the product nitrogen is 99.9%.
Substitution of oxygen molecules and water vapors in the ambient air for inert nitrogen enables precluding from oxidation processes, preserving flavor and aromatic properties of the chips, and aids to extended shelf life, while substantially adding to marketability of the product.

The CJSC «Ozery» operates in several promising focus areas involving the latest agricultural innovations: breeding and production of vegetables, chips manufacture. In 2014 the Company has started production of potato chips under the trade name «Barin». A special potato variety of the same name having distinct palatability traits was bred for that purpose.

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