APG treatment plant from JSC Grasys for the LLC «SC «RUSVIETPETRO» won “The Best Project” contest among the  subsidiaries of the JSC “Zarubezhneft”

26 October 2017

On September 22nd, after the second stage of the annual «Best Facility» review contest among the subsidiaries of the JSC «Zarubezhneft» one of the most challenging and technology intensive facilities of the LLC «SC «RUSVIETPETRO» — «The APG treatment station at the Severo-Khosedayusskoe oil field named after А. Slivka» was pronounced the winner in the «Best Manufacturing Practices» category in treatment and transportation of oil, gas and water.

The JSC «Grasys» congratulates the LLC «SC «RUSVIETPETRO» and all expert personnel who participated in construction of the treatment plant an those who maintain its daily operation. We would like to express our appreciation to the JSC «Zarubezhneft» for such a high appraisal of the gas treatment station engineered by the JSC «Grasys» for the Severo-Khosedayusskoe oil field named after А. Slivka.

The package solution by the JSC «Grasys» ensures treatment of the associated petroleum gas in terms of hydrogen sulfide content up to the fuel gas standards.

Use of the membrane gas separation plant from «Grasys» enables treatment of the APG initially almost unfit for power generation purposes up to the parameters which make it possible to use it as fuel gas in gas reciprocating engines and turbines from most manufacturers. Membrane plants enable the hydrogen sulfide content reduction for 10 to 100 times and more (depending on the selection ratio) within one technological cycle, which cannot be provided through any other technology of hydrocarbon gases treatment.

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Materials news partly taken from the site of OOO "SK ", RUSVIETPETRO"

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