Air separation units shipped to the major Turkish holding group

1 March 2018

After bench tests performed at the production site of the RPC “Grasys” a nitrogen and an oxygen units were shipped for a power generation company of the major Turkish holding group.

The units are skid-mounted according to the customer’s specifications. A low-output generator Nitropower is employed in production of 25 m3 of nitrogen per hour with the 99,5% purity grade. The oxygen unit generates 25 m3 of industrial oxygen per hour with the 99% purity grade.

The Technical Control Department of the Company performs acceptance inspection of every item of equipment based on the corporate standards of acceptance inspection and requirements to equipment. Adsorption gas separation experts perform testing and complete process adjustment of nitrogen and oxygen units supplied to the Customer, on the Grasys test site. On the Customer’s site the equipment is switched on and is ready for operation.

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