Compressed air station manufactured and supplied for the Yurubchano-Tokhomskoe oil, gas and condensate field

14 May 2018

The RPC «Grasys» manufactured and delivered a skid-mounted air compressor station for the JSC « East-Siberian Oil and Gas Company». The compressor station serves to pressurized air feed to the captive power plant at the Yurubchano-Tokhomskoe oil, gas and condensate field.

Performance capacity of the compressor station is 360 cubic meters of air per hour. The core process equipment (rotary compressors, a dehydrator, a monitoring and control system), as well as peripheral equipment of the station are mounted inside the containerized module of customized size and configuration. Climatic version of the containerized module - ХЛ1, for the High North regions (down to minus 56 С°) as prescribed by applicable construction norms and specifications. The station is furnished with automated systems of supply and exhaust ventilation, heating, fire suppression, intrusion detection and conservative and fire alarm system, outdoor, indoor and emergency lighting.

Engineering and technical equipage features of the containerized module accommodating the skid-mounted air compressor station:

  • Robust and durable galvanized-steel cable trays;
  • Aluminium flooring (noncorrosiveness);
  • Winterized floor, winterized and insulated doors;
  • Winterized external access hatches, winterized and protected ventilation ducts and valve drives;
  • Hot air curtains applied for uniform warming of compartments;
  • High-quality starter automatics;
  • Automatic monitoring of operating life and process temperature of the air filters of the air handling system.
Skid-mounted compressor station for pressurized air production
Skid-mounted air compressor station

Skid-mounted air compressor station Monitoring and control system, proprietary product of the RPC «Grasys». Rotary air compressors

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