RPC Grasys specialists launched oxygen facilities and stations at three medical centers

11 February 2019

At the beginning of 2019, Research and Production Company Grasys launched oxygen facilities and stations at the medical and health centers of Russia. Two oxygen production plants with a capacity of 5 m³/h and 15 m3/h with a purity of medical oxygen of 93% and two mobile stations — 3 m³/h and 10 m³/h with a purity of 93% and 94% respectively were supplied to the customers.

Works on design, development, production and launch of medical oxygen concentrators were performed, as well as the installation of oxygen lines, video surveillance systems and the dismantling of old metal structures were carried out for the medical centers.

RPC Grasys conducts comprehensive operations on equipping the health facilities with medical gas supply systems and delivers all the necessary equipment:

  • AKC medical oxygen concentrators (stationary or block-modular);
  • Medical air compressors;
  • Air-free stations;
  • Medical consoles (wall, ceiling for general medical wards, intensive therapy wards).

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