RPC Grasys Quality Department Experts have been trained to work with Danfoss frequency converters

24 May 2019

Grasys Quality Department employees completed training on the «Configuration, Installation and Commissioning of Frequency Drives Manufactured by Danfoss» program.
The course paid much attention to the proper selection of components for various production tasks, including sophisticated projects. At the laboratory stands with the power electronics of the manufacturing company, Grasys’ service engineers simulated situations that occurred at the customer’s site and their possible resolutions.

Upon completion of the training, Grasys experts received certificates confirming their qualifications in the field of programming, start up and service maintenance of Danfoss frequency converters.

The employees of RPC Grasys regularly increase the level of their professional competencies for carrying out comprehensive repair works, diagnostics and regulatory maintenance of the third-party equipment, as well as the own-produced gas separation and other equipment.

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