Nitrogen adsorption plant by the JSC «Grasys» brought to operation at the radio equipment factory

6 June 2019

A serial adsorption nitrogen generator based plant by «Grasys» was brought to operation at the radiotechnical systems and radio electronic package systems factory. Capacity of the plant is 7,8 cubic meters of nitrogen per hour with 99,999% purity grade. The product gas is applied to production process at the two high-vacuum furnaces system.

The package of the adsorption nitrogen plant includes:

  • a nitrogen generator with an integrated monitoring and control system by «Grasys»;
  • an air compressor by «Grasys»;
  • a compressed feed air treatment system;
  • a nitrogen booster compressor.

The nitrogen plant has passed integrated tests at «Grasys» manufacturing facilities according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. In course of plant commissioning the «Grasys» experts have provided briefing to employees of the factory as to performance capabilities and maintenance of the equipment.

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