The JSC «Grasys» turns to the system «Product Lifecycle Management Appius-PLM» 2019 version

12 July 2019

Experts of the «Grasys» Engineering Center have passed the training course on the new 2019 version of «Product Lifecycle Management Appius-PLM» system. That would enable optimization of complex products structuring management and integration of design and production engineering departments to the consolidated information area of the Company.

Through this complex, the construction engineers and the design engineers will expedite processes on models downloading from the CAD system without manual export of structures and individual components of the equipment to the PLM system. All product structuring is managed directly from the 3D model, which a designer has built in the CAD system.

Adoption of the Appius-PLM 2019 system was induced by greater number of projects and higher complexity of the equipment. Application of the new work principles, including the Taxi interface and an integrated 3D-visualizer, is a qualitative step forward in terms of designers speed and level of performance and provides for further operative information processing — acceleration in procurement activities and, respectively shorter projects completion schedules.

«Grasys» employs more than 100 technical, design and construction engineers, about 80 employees at the production facilities and 220 skilled professionals controlling all stages of project life cycle: from collection of initial data and preparation of basic process solutions to bringing the completed equipment to operation. The Company constantly introduces new software, technological solutions enabling design and construction customized to individual needs of each Customer.

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