Assembly supervision and precommissioning of a new nitrogen plant carried out by service engineers of «Grasys»

26 July 2019

Service engineers of «Grasys» have carried out assembly supervision and precommissioning for starting up a nitrogen plant based on a serial adsorption generator for the major Russian and CIS manufacturer of specialized high-technology equipment protecting the work product, operator and environment.

The equipment with the output capacity of 20 cubic meters of nitrogen per hour with 99, 95% purity grade and 25 bar pressure is applied for metal laser cutting.

This is the second shipment of «Grasys» products to this enterprise, where another nitrogen plant is operated for several years (17 m³ of nitrogen per hour).

According to the results of the inspection activities, the nitrogen stations were accepted by the commission without demurs.

All plants and stations by «Grasys» pass mandatory acceptance testing at own production facilities of the Company in Domodedovo, or in course of precommissioning at the site of the Customer.

This is not a public offer