The JSC «Grasys» manufactured a nitrogen station for a major international oil company

2 August 2019

The JSC «Grasys» manufactured a nitrogen membrane station, which will be operated in Central Africa, for a major international oil company.

For this project, «Grasys» engineers have implemented a special technical solution for membrane air separation, when the process of gas separation is carried out at the low temperature of +24°С. That enabled a greater share of nitrogen recovery and operation at high temperatures of the compressed air downstream the compressor. Cooling was carried out through a closed water circuit comprising an air-cooled chiller.

The product gas is applied as an inert environment for further filling to the low-pressure receiver and also to gas cylinders and trailer-mounted bullets. The station has two nitrogen output capacities of 206 m³/h and 90 m³/h with 99,5% purity grade and 10,5 bar and 207 bar pressures respectively.

All pressure equipment inside the container as well as pipelines welding meet the American ASME standards. Electric equipment meets the international standard IEC.

The station was manufactured in view of the specific nature of its location — all air-supply vents are fitted with sand traps and dust filters for operation in the dust storms prone environment.

JSC «Grasys» produced a nitrogen station for one of the largest oil companies in the world.

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