Grasys» experts provided nitrogen stations operation and maintenance training to Customer’s employees

16 August 2019

A routine maintenance was carried out at one of the major coal-mining enterprises of Russia for three nitrogen stations with output capacity 380 m3/hour with nitrogen 97% purity grade and 10 bar pressure each. Experts from «Grasys» carried out visual inspection and checked operability of all systems and parameters of the station, and provided replacements of components as necessary.

Another objective of «Grasys» service engineers was training to the Customer’s employees under the program «Operation and maintenance of membrane air separation plants». According to the results of successful testing advanced professional training certificates were issued to the specialists. This way they can provide prompt maintenance to the equipment of the station with no assistance from outside service companies.

The training course is based on approved programs and hours allocated for each program in view of the type and number of equipment operated by the Customer, and comprises both theoretical and practical training.

Experts of the Grasys Training Centre provide training at the equipment operating site that provides for maximum efficiency and informative value of practical training.

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