Nitrogen plant by «Grasys» brought to operation at the facilities of the major Russian juices and dairy manufacturer

23 August 2019

A plant by «Grasys» based on a serial adsorption generator with the output capacity of 52 cubic meters of nitrogen per hour and 99,95% purity grade was brought to operation at a subsidiary of the major dairy products holding. The product gas is applied in the technical process of milk packaging.

This is the third unit supplied for the holding, two other nitrogen plants are operated at subsidiary companies for more than 4 years, and their product gas is applied for storage of fruit fillings for fermented milk products.

Distinct advantages of nitrogen generators are their operator friendliness and easy maintenance. Due to overall automation, no continuous attention to a plant is required. Other advantages of the nitrogen plants include fast startup/shutdown, small size and low weight.

Serial adsorption plants by «Grasys» are efficiently applied at chemical, petrochemical, oil/gas industries, as well as food industry, microelectronics, pharmaceuticals industry, etc.

More details on the serial nitrogen generators

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