Oxygen Concentrator OXYPOWER to Supply Oxygen to Emergency Treatment Rooms and Mechanical Ventilation

30 March 2020

Research and Production Company Grasys, a major Russian engineering company engaged in development and production of industrial and medical oxygen equipment invites you to consider home-made oxygen concentrator OXYPOWER to supply oxygen to Emergency Treatment Rooms and devices for mechanical ventilation.

The OXYPOWER concentrator featuring 13–15 l/min capacity and 93 ± 2% oxygen purity is successfully used:

  • in operating wards and intensive care units designed to connect mechanical ventilation;
  • for artificial lung ventilation for patients with various forms of respiratory failure, which allow dramatically drop the mortality or disability of such patients due to improved oxygen supply to the affected tissues;
  • in the event of decreased breathing during the post-operative period, whenever poisoning, intoxication, etc. occurs;
  • for other purposes where medical oxygen is required.

Already now the company’s equipment can be found running in many healthcare institutions. Medical Oxygen Concentrator OXYPOWER meets medical equipment requirements.

Visual appearance of Medical Oxygen Concentrator OXYPOWER

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