R&P Co. Grasys Will Supply Oxygen Concentrators to Hospitals in Moscow and Moscow Region to Combat the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

1 May 2020

Research and Production Company Grasys, one of which sites is a resident of the Special Economic Zone Dubna, has been awarded with a supply contract for roughly 1000 medical oxygen concentrators AKS-1 for Moscow and Moscow region. Oxygen concentrators produce medical oxygen of the required purity from atmosphere air, they are transportable and entirely designed in Russia. Read more on the website of the Government of Moscow Region: https://mosreg.ru/sobytiya/novosti/news-submoscow/trista-edinic-oborudovaniya-dlya-borby-s-koronavirusom-postavyat-v-meduchrezhdeniya-podmoskovya

Since the new viral infection has started spreading, an urgent need arose not only for artificial lung ventilation (ALV) to support acute patients with the COVID-19 and pneumonia affected by other causes but also for providing artificial lung ventilation with oxygen. R&P Co. Grasys is the major Russian developer and manufacturer of industrial and medical oxygen equipment which products appear to be highly sought after. Our company has ramped up its facilities dozens of times to produce oxygen concentrators: the facility is prepared to output over 500 concentrators per month. As a result, today the enterprise operates non-stop, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in 3 shifts. Watch Channel 360° footage on oxygen concentrators of the R&P Co. Grasys at the production site on https://youtu.be/j3lE2yMVw8I or on our website at https://www.grasys.ru/o-kompanii/video/

Concentrator AKS-1 featuring 13 l/min capacity and 93 ± 2% oxygen purity is used in surgery rooms and resuscitation units, to connect artificial lung ventilation and anesthesia-respiratory devices; where breathing is weakened in the post-operative period, in the event of intoxication and for other purposes whenever medical oxygen is required. Oxygen equipment is manufactured in line with the current needs of health care institutions and has been designed for various capacities. Such systems are capable of providing both small and large healthcare facilities with medical oxygen. The oxygen concentrator fully conforms to medical equipment requirements as confirmed by available registration certificate of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation No. ФСР 2012/14033.

In the near future, bulk consignments of AKS-1 will arrive at hospitals in Moscow suburbs, Moscow and other Russian regions. They will be urgently furnished in healthcare centers and medical treatment facilities to combat the pandemic.

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