The First Batch of Medical Oxygen Concentrators AKS-1 Is Ready for Shipment to Russian Healthcare Facilities

12 May 2020

Within the purchase order for medical concentrators AKS-1 to combat coronavirus as a bulk consignment R&P Co. Grasys has shipped the first batch of the equipment. To execute the above order within the shortest possible time production complex specialists keep on manufacturing and testing equipment continuously with no days off or holidays. The company is expanding additional warehouse space needed to store components and items ready for shipment.

«Owing to the current spread of coronavirus infection production capacities have been increased, which made it possible to produce over 500 concentrators per month to meet the needs of healthcare providers throughout Russia," said Dmitry Shchavelev, Deputy General Director, Grasys.

Oxygen concentrators AKS-1 are nowadays used in healthcare facilities to connect to artificial ventilation and oxygen therapy equipment as part of coronavirus infection treatment in surgery blocks and ICU to maintain breathing of patients in grave and emergency conditions.

In the days to come the batch of ready-made medical oxygen concentrators AKS-1 will leave for healthcare facilities to combat the pandemic. Read more at

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