R&P Co. Grasys Oxygen Equipment Has Been Running in Russian Healthcare Facilities for Several Years

15 May 2020

R&P Co. Grasys oxygen plant for subsidiary of the Federal State Budgetary Prevention and Treatment Facility "Recreational Center of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs"

R&P Co. Grasys oxygen units and plants have been running in Russian healthcare centers for several years facilitating medical oxygen production at consumption points, ensuring its uninterrupted supply and liquid oxygen vendor-neutrality.

For three years the Kezhemsky Central District Hospital has been using oxygen produced with medical oxygen concentrator AKS manufactured by R&P Co Grasys. The CDH was the first hospital in Krasnoyarsk Krai to have a permanent oxygen supply system for ICU.

«This unit is of great importance for our hospital as it offers the possibility to produce medical oxygen at any time and in any amount regardless of supplies from the outside. Oxygen is designed to support patients with severe diseases among which those in resuscitation departments connected to lung ventilator and those in intensive care units», explained Evgeny Zakharov, Chief Doctor of the CDH during equipment installation. — A shift is serviced just by one employee who has passed special training to work with this kind of equipment».

For two years now an oxygen plant as part of oxygen concentrator featuring 3 m³/h capacity, oxygen purity up to 95%, 0,5 MPa pressure and 100% equipment backup, which ensures the plant uninterrupted operation in emergency, has successfully been running in subsidiary of the Federal State Budgetary Prevention and Treatment Facility «Recreational Center of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs».

Using R&P Co. Grasys medical oxygen units and plants is instrumental in enhancing purchase cost efficiency for high-flying foreign-made equipment and minimizing risks of regional health system ill-preparedness for wholescale patient attendance with coronavirus infection as a result of late equipment delivery. https://www.grasys.com/products/gas/oxygen/med/

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