Adsorption Nitrogen Generator Has Been Put into Operation at Industrial Laser Systems Manufacturer

2 July 2020

Adsorption nitrogen unit has been put into operation at industrial laser systems manufacturer by R&P Co. Grasys’ specialists. The main part of the package is composed of microprocessing systems, high precision cutting and five-axis machining, 3D metal powder printing and efficient high-accuracy cutting.

The unit is designed to provide a laser cutting machine with high purity nitrogen of 99,999% and 44 m³/h capacity. Nitrogen is required to cut heat-resistant steel at the Kalashnikov group of companies in Izhevsk. A lower nitrogen purity tends to degrade the gun tube.

The nitrogen plant was previously factory tested — and the customer accepted and rated the equipment quality strong. The project scope also includes the entirely stainless steel piping, two 900-liter nitrogen, air receivers, 230-liter and 270-liter nitrogen receivers.

This is the second R&P Co. Grasys’ project under this standard solution — the first similar unit has been supplied and put into operation at the Volga Sheet Metal Working Center, and it provides TRUMPF laser cutting machines with nitrogen in full scope. The project includes equipment supply, piping and installation in Kazan.

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