Grasys Nitrogen Air Plant Has Been Placed in Service at Gas Compressor Station Kokuy

7 July 2020

Modular nitrogen air plant manufactured by R&P Co. Grasys have been placed in service at the greenfield Kokuy gas compressor station of Lukoil-Perm in the Kungur district of Perm Territory. This is a large-scale investment project, whereby upon work completion, the capacity of gas compressor stations will increase up to 608 million cubic meters per year (currently — 375 million cubic meters per year).

Kokuy gas compressor station is designed to receive, compress and transport natural and associated gas from the southern Lukoil-Perm fields located in the Kungursky, Ordinsky, Uinsky, Chernushinsky, Kuedinsky and Oktyabrsky districts of Prikamye. According to Oleg Tretyakov, General Director of Lukoil-Perm LLC, the core equipment of the new gas compressor station is Russian-made. (Source:

The air generated by Grasys nitrogen air plant is designed to handle control valves of the designed compressor units, while generated nitrogen is used to purge equipment after repair and to provide inert medium. At the Customer’s request alternate compressor operation has been stipulated to maintain the plant working condition in case there is a contingency at the facility.

R&P Co. Grasys’ service engineers completed a package of supervision and commissioning works and staff training.

Grasys nitrogen air plant placed in service at Kokuy gas compressor station.

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