Grasys Nitrogen Adsorption Unit Has Been Shipped to a PCB Manufacture

10 July 2020

Grasys nitrogen adsorption unit has been shipped to the facility engaged in PCB, electronic components and finished electronic modules manufacture.

The unit is designed to provide operation of selective soldering machine for electronic components. Selective soldering in inert medium ensures a higher quality product compared with air atmosphere. Adsorption generators are used to produce nitrogen in the desired volume and purity whereas nitrogen cylinders fail to provide stable gas quality; cryogenics falls short economically at such a low nitrogen flowrate, and membrane generators fail to provide the desired purity.

Grasys adsorption nitrogen plant featuring 5,2 m³/h capacity, 99,999% nitrogen purity and 0,6 MPa pressure when soldering in inert medium are capable of reducing oxidation and void formation, enhancing the soldered surfaces wetting quality and improving the solder consumption.

Inert medium soldering helps to lower cost of process materials, equipment maintenance and soldering defect correction, thus resulting in product cost decrease.

Grasys has supplied over 50 nitrogen generators to manufacturers of electronic and microelectronic products, companies engaged in metal laser cutting, 3D printing, welding, etc.

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