Oxygen Plants Have Been Manufactured and Shipped to Hospitals of the Russian Ministry of Defence

10 August 2020

Within a very short time Grasys has manufactured and shipped modular oxygen plant for the infectious diseases hospital of the Russian Ministry of Defence in Volgograd.

The equipment has been manufactured as part of the State Defence Procurement Order for construction of health care centers based on quickly-erectable structures.

R&P Co. Grasys has completed design, supply, supervision and commissioning of medical oxygen concentrator with 100% back-up in stand-alone container unit for centralized oxygen supply to the infectious diseases building numbering 60 to 100 beds.

«The plant was supplied and started within a record-short time. Some more corporate specialists were involved in operations, with after-hours efforts underway," said Dmitry Mataev, Project Office Head, R&P Co. Grasys.

In total for this order five oxygen plants featuring 100 l/min capacity and three oxygen plants featuring 200 l/min capacity are manufactured for health care centers of the Russian Ministry of Defence, with oxygen purity of 94 ± 1% each.

The plant assembly includes primary oxygen source consisting of air compressor, compressed air dryer, two receivers (air and oxygen), oxygen concentrator and control system, secondary oxygen source, backup (emergency) oxygen source consisting of oxygen discharge manifold for 6 cylinders. To increase the plant performance, two oxygen sources (primary and secondary) may run simultaneously.

Grasys Oxygen Plants Manufactured and Shipped to Hospitals of the Russian Ministry of Defence

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