An Agreement Has Been Signed with a Dairy and Canning Plant for Nitrogen Generator Nitropower Supply

30 October 2020

An agreement has been signed between R&P Co. Grasys and CJSC “Korenovsk Dairy and Canning Plant” to supply an adsorption nitrogen plant based on a serial nitrogen generator Nitropower.

The equipment is designed to improve dairy product storage life in a PET bag. This should enable to stop using high-priced out-of-date packaging in a tin-can.

Equipment as follows is incorporated into the unit: a nitrogen generator, an air compressor, a set of filters, a nitrogen receiver.

In addition to the equipment manufacture and supply the agreement includes commissioning and training for the operating staff.

R&P Co. Grasys nitrogen generators have already been running at the factories engaged in vegetable oil and fats manufacture and storage; they are also used when packaging sausages, manufactured meat and semi-finished products, roasted sunflower seeds and nuts, snacks and so on.

This is not a public offer