R&P Co. Grasys Made a Donation of Medical Oxygen Concentrator to District Hospital in the Kursk Region

24 November 2020

Research and Production Company Grasys, a leading manufacturer of medical oxygen concentrators, in the midst of pandemic chose to support regions affected by the COVID-19 virus and make a donation of oxygen concentrators AKS to the Kursk, Rostov and Chelyabinsk regions. The equipment is supplied to hospitals in particular need as agreed by the principal heads of the above regions.

For instance, late last week at the Grasys production site in Domodedovo, medical concentrator AKS was transferred and delivered to the representative of the Glushkovskaya Central District Hospital, the Health Committee of the Kursk Region.

“This decision was made in the face of the coronavirus epidemiologic complications within the Kursk region. Additional patient beds keep on being deployed within the region, and the demand for medical oxygen is continuously growing. Our company is well experienced in oxygen equipment production: over the past six months we have supplied large consignments of oxygen concentrators to hospitals in the Moscow region, Moscow and other parts of Russia,” shared Vladimir Yudkevich, Director of the Grasys Oxygen Equipment Department.

Concentrator AKS-1 featuring up to 15 l/min capacity and 93% oxygen purity is designed to supply intensive-care wards and artificial lung ventilators (ALV) with oxygen, to connect to medical equipment or a central medical gas system as well as to solve other challenges where medical oxygen is expected. In the coming days such equipment will be applied to treat patients who are in need of oxygen therapy.

Grasys Oxygen concentrators produce medical oxygen of the desired purity from atmosphere air; they are transportable and hundred-per-cent Russian-made. Oxygen equipment conforms to all medical equipment requirements, which is confirmed by the available registration certificate of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation No. FSR/ФСР 2012/14033.

НПК «Грасис» передает в дар медицинский концентратор  для больницы Курской области НПК «Грасис» передает в дар медицинский концентратор  для больницы Курской области

Grasys Medical Oxygen Сoncentrators

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