Chief Medical Officer at District Hospital in the Kursk Region Expressed Appreciation to R&P Co. Grasys for the Oxygen Concentrator

10 December 2020

In late November R&P Co. Grasys made a donation of medical oxygen concentrator to the district hospital in the Kursk region.

“Thank you so much for the plant. We have no questions at all, the plant has been placed in service," said Vyacheslav Vladimirovich Shcherbakov, Chief Medical Officer at Glushkovskaya Central District Hospital.

Concentrator AKS-1 featuring up to 15 l/min capacity and 93% oxygen purity is designed to supply intensive-care wards and artificial lung ventilators (ALV) with oxygen, to connect to medical equipment or a central medical gas system as well as to solve other challenges where medical oxygen is expected. Such equipment is applied to treat patients who are in need of oxygen therapy.

R&P Co. Grasys, a leading manufacturer of medical oxygen concentrators, will be delivering a few more oxygen concentrators to the most seriously affected by the COVID-19 virus regions.

This is not a public offer