R&P Co. Grasys Specialists Have Completed Remote Start of Nitrogen Generator in a Radioelectronics Company

20 January 2021

Aquarius is a leading Russian designer, manufacturer and supplier of computer hardware and IT solutions for public sector customers and corporate clients.

Nitrogen plant NitropowerPlus2 produces gas to be used in convection heaters and for selective soldering in units Volna S400. While subject to soldering, nitrogen fluid decreases oxidation, extends process window, lessens the risk of bridging, lowers sludge formation, and enhances surface tension, which allow for the solder alloy improved wetting and flowing.

R&P Co. Grasys service engineers have completed equipment remote start on account of travel restrictions during the COVID-19 spread. The control system enables integration into upper-level system (corporate automated process control system) to ensure the entire process remote monitoring and management. Nitrogen generator is packaged with control system featuring embedded gas analyzer board and flow meter.

Read more about nitrogen generators at https://www.grasys.com/products/gas/nitrogen/nitropower/

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