R&P Co. Grasys Nitrogen Сompressor Plant Runs at the PJSC Gazprom Gas Refinery

3 February 2021

R&P Co. Grasys has supplied a KAMAZ-mounted mobile nitrogen compressor plant featuring 60 m³/h capacity, 35 MPa pressure and 99.8% purity.

The nitrogen plant is designed for pipe blowing and pressure testing. This is a required procedure when pipes are put into operation, maintained or being under scheduled repair. Nitrogen prepurge cycle is performed to avoid formation of explosive hydrogen and air mixture in equipment and pipelines.

The plant equipment is arranged in heat-insulated modular container on KamAZ-43118-50 chassis, which allows to transport and use the plant across multiple customer sites. The plant delivery set enables the equipment to run in both summer and winter seasons in a variety of climatic conditions, and what is more, it ensures the plant operation in autonomous mode without external power supply source.

Nitrogen compressor units and plants are used in gas and oil wells drilling, developing, repair and servicing as well as in completing and pipelines & oil storage facilities repair and maintenance.

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