R&P Co. Grasys Oxygen Supply System Has Been Placed into Service at the Nadym Hospital

25 June 2021

An integrated medical oxygen supply system was placed into service at the Nadym Central District Hospital. The hospital used to deploy 40-liter oxygen cylinders transported from offsite. The new way of oxygen supply is inherently safer. The undertaken action addresses the national Healthcare project. The above unit was purchased using the funds of the district budget as part of measures to combat the emerging coronavirus disease.

The new equipment will be instrumental in supplying oxygen to all hospital in-patient departments uninterruptedly and in the proper amount. The equipment features 66 m³/hour capacity, self-contained operation and ensures hospital with oxygen vendor independence. The processes are automated, and the unit is easy to maintain.

Oxygen concentrator is capable of generating oxygen from the outside air and delivering it indoors for patients treatment. Air is run through filters directly into the unit, and then it is separated into oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen while passing through absorbers. The treated oxygen goes through dryers and is pumped into receivers delivering it to hospital beds.

«The integrated medical oxygen supply system brings us to the next level. Now we are able to provide our patients with oxygen in the proper amount continuously and without fail. For one thing it is safe by contrast to oxygen cylinders, for another it has a significant cost impact,» explained Natalya Kaliberda, Chief Medical Officer at the Nadym District Hospital.

Health care is one of the key priorities in Dmitry Artyukhov’s work, the Governor of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. Yamal is actively engaged in equipping hospitals and health centers with the most-up-to-date facilities.

Similar units will shortly start running in the hospitals of Muravlenko and Salekhard. In the district capital the concentrator installation is in the closing stage: power supply connection and commissioning are en route. Muravlenko municipal hospital is currently working on preparing documentation for a tendering process for oxygen plant site construction. The unit has already been manufactured and is being stored at the vendor's warehouse. Upon completing site construction the oxygen plant will be delivered to the municipal hospital.

The materials are cited from the Government website of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug at: https://www.yanao.ru/presscenter/news/72489/ and from the Nadym District Hospital social media profile in VK: https://vk.com/nadymcrb

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