R&P Co. Grasys Supplied Oxygen Plant to Hospital in Stavropol

15 March 2022

One of the hospitals in the Stavropol Territory has started using an advanced oxygen concentrator AKS manufactured by Grasys in the treatment of the COVID-19 patients.

Currently, Grasys oxygen units and plants are successfully used in healthcare centers to connect to artificial lung ventilators and anesthetic-respiratory equipment, to deliver oxygen therapy in the treatment of coronaviral infection, in operating rooms and intensive-care units to maintain breathing of severe patients, in case of intoxication and for other purposes where oxygen is needed.

The supplied oxygen plant has opened the way for the healthcare center to completely cover its demand for medical gas and to provide oxygen to about 250 beds simultaneously.

The Governor has emphasized that the COVID hospital is functioning at the emergency care hospital, so the complete oxygen support provided to the healthcare center is the top-priority task for the territory.

Aside from that, the hospital has other 27 departments and plenty of operating rooms that are also in need for oxygen support.

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