R&P Co. Grasys Is Allowed to Use Medical Oxygen Concentrator AKS (AKC) in the Republic of Indonesia

Medical oxygen concentrators AKS (AKC) manufactured by R&P Co. Grasys are now legally registered in the Republic of Indonesia (which is the home to over 273 million people).

The said concentrators are designed to supply oxygen to intensive-care wards and artificial lung ventilators (ALV), to get connected to medical equipment, as well as to facilitate other jobs where there is a need for medical oxygen. In the immediate future, this kind of equipment will be available to furnish healthcare centers in Indonesia.

Grasys is already well-experienced in delivering oxygen units and plants to foreign countries while meeting international regulatory requirements and taking into account specifics of the equipment operating site.

News date:  11.04.2022 09:51:00

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