The Corporate Hallmark is Grasys Branded Electric Car!

20 May 2022

R&P Co. Grasys is a high-tech innovative company committed to the concept of environmentally friendly development. The company's operations, material selection, manufacturing activities focus on minimizing environmental footprint. All the above has been expressed in company's branded electric car, which is the corporate hallmark now.


Our company’s specialists are engaged in developing engineering solutions enabling to reduce the negative environmental impact. Thus, Grasys are working on development of an advanced hydrogen production technology without CO2 emissions. The developed hydrogen production technology using thermal pyrolysis of methane and oil sludge in a bath of molten iron enables to generate hydrogen from natural gas avoiding carbon dioxide emission with resulting carbon in solid form. Hydrogen generated through the use of this solution is classified as turquoise hydrogen.

Methane pyrolysis enables to generate hydrogen in environmentally friendly manner since carbon is released in a solid biologically neutral form and can be used in production. The research has shown that methane pyrolysis in a liquid metal reactor emits substantially lower emissions as compared to water electrolysis through the use of renewable electricity.

The generated hydrogen can be used in energy production, transport sector, as well as in industrial chemical, metallurgical and other processes, to reduce emissions of contaminating agents and greenhouse gases.

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