Grasys Oxygen Plant Delivered to a Hospital in the Sakhalin Region

6 July 2022

The issue of providing patients with oxygen has been solved fundamentally at the Ankudinov City Hospital in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. is necessary for patients treated in critical care settings, patients suffering from bronchopulmonary diseases, including those with the post-COVID syndrome. Installation of oxygen plants in the city hospital and other regional medical healthcare centers opened the floodgates to fully meet the demand for oxygen while cutting spending on its purchases from third-party providers.

500 liters of oxygen per minute is the capacity provided by the oxygen plant in the city hospital named after Ankudinov. Upon generation by compressor the gas is immediately supplied to the wards. In intensive care units it is provided to patients that are incapable of breathing on their own; oxygen supply sustains human life while doctors are struggling to restore some organs. Oxygen is also required for people with bronchopulmonary diseases, and in recent years the number of such patients has been increased by those who have come through the COVID-19.

The news contains materials provided in the official website of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

News date:  06.07.2022 16:56:00

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