Compressor Maintenance Completed at Petrochemical Refiner

9 August 2022

R&P Co. Grasys service engineers have completed repair of compressors at the facilities of a big petrochemical company. Over the course of many years the said petrochemical company has been making agreements for the maintenance of units and plants giving by that credence to the loyalty and good workmanship on the side of R&P Co. Grasys.

In follow-up of the equipment inspection the specialists have performed piston barrel maintenance, replaced filters, pressure transducers and other consumables in line with the data on running hours.

The maintenance of HP compressors happened to be unscheduled in response to the detected flaw in the design in the course of operations.

Grasys service team is engaged in implementing a comprehensive range of services associated with updating, preservation, staff training, as well as repair and technical support of both self-engineered equipment and equipment of third-party suppliers.


News date:  09.08.2022 16:11:00

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