A New Oxygen Plant Placed in Service at the Emergency Hospital in Kirov Region

3 October 2022

Boosted by support of the Government of the Russian Federation and Kirov Region, an oxygen plant - a medical oxygen concentrator with uninterruptible power supply - was placed in service at the Emergency Hospital. The equipment is designed to supply patients in critical condition with oxygen. Upon completing start-up and commissioning activities as well as receiving a pilot batch of oxygen its supply has been arranged to all departments and intensive care units of the therapeutic wing.

According to Soghomon Arakelyan, Chief Medical Officer of Emergency Hospital, in the past oxygen used to be supplied to the wing from an oxygen gasifier which tank had to be filled up at regular intervals.

“We used to be dependent on life-saving gas supplies. Most significantly that manifested itself during on-peak period of the coronaviral infection when it was nowhere near that simple to meet the heightened need for oxygen at the healthcare facility,” notes Chief Medical Officer. – Now we have our own oxygen plant that produces oxygen from the ambient air reasonably priced, at a steady pace and safely. Ans if maximum capacity of oxygen gasifier that used to supply oxygen to the therapeutic wing was 260 liters per minute, then as now performance of each of the two concentrator lines is 500 liters of gaseous oxygen per minute. Such a backup of oxygen support is vitally important for us. When required we are capable of admitting a considerable patient stream in line with our hospital’s urgency profile as well as dealing swiftly with epidemiological situations among other things.

The news is based on materials provided on the official website of the Ministry of Health of the Kirov Region at https://www.medkirov.ru/news/docid/5D958D-2022.html

News date:  03.10.2022 15:07:00

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