In-House Oxygen Production Plant Became Available at the Ust-Dzhegutinskaya Central District Hospital

1 March 2023

Grasys oxygen plant featuring capacity over 1.000 liters of pure oxygen per minute has been delivered to the Ust-Dzhegutinskaya Central District Hospital. The entire equipment has been placed inside the container which is equipped with ventilation, air conditioning, heating, fire and gas safety system,” said a member of the Hospital Administration.

The in-house oxygen generation at the immediate consumption point allows for both ensuring its uninterrupted supply and being independent of oxygen suppliers.

“From now on our health facility is capable of monitoring on its own oxygen generation and backing up in independent storage facilities,” emphasized the office speaker.

Delivery of that particular equipment type became possible due to disposal of funds from a special-purpose federal aid for purchasing such oxygen concentrators.

The news is based on materials from the Cherkessk News Feed website

News date:  01.03.2023 14:10:00

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