R&P Co. Grasys Signed a Major EPC-Contract for Nitrogen-Air Unit Supply to the Ilsky Oil Refinery

27 June 2023

R&P Co. Grasys and KNGK-INPZ LLC (A.A. Shamarа Ilsky Oil Refinery) signed a Supply Contract for air treatment unit and nitrogen production to compress, purify, dry and process air with the objective of providing users with process air, instrument air and gaseous nitrogen.

As stipulated in the Contract, Grasys will perform a set of turnkey works for the facility known as the Air Treatment and Nitrogen Production Unit in line with the Ilsky Oil Refinery project implementation: Motor Gasoline and Aromatic Hydrocarbons Production Center.

The scope of supply includes three centrifugal compressors, three PSA nitrogen generation units featuring 5025 m3/h total capacity and 99.99% purity, two process air and instrument air treatment units featuring up to 5381 NCMH capacity, air treatment unit (filtration equipment, refrigeration dryers, adsorption dryers), vessel equipment, two high-pressure compressor units, pumping equipment, instrument and automated control equipment.

The EPC-project implementation is scheduled on Q2, 2025.

Earlier, R&P Co. Grasys effectively implemented an EPC-project on nitrogen-air compressor station construction for Gazpromneft Omsk Refinery JSC. Under the Contract responsibility scope included such activities as detailed engineering desig, construction and installation works, supply and commissioning of two generators for in-house nitrogen production, each featuring 1000 m3/h capacity and 99.999% purity, five compressors and air dryers. The unit was placed into service in 2020, and since then it has been running effectively.

KNGK-INPZ LLC (A.A. Shamara Ilsky Oil Refinery) is a modern manufacturing complex and one of the leading oil refineries in the Southern Federal District of Russia. Currently, KNGK-INPZ LLC is implementing a large-scale upgrading project aimed at establishing actually a new venture – the leader in the oil refining and petrochemical industry in the South of Russia. Development program of the A.A. Shamara Ilsky Oil Refinery involves phased commissioning of new process units, infrastructure and welfare facilities.

The picture is taken from the official website of LLC KNGK-INPZ at https://www.i-npz.ru/

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