Grasys Nitrogen Adsorption Unit Shipped to Electric Equipment Repair Facility

20 June 2023

Grasys adsorption nitrogen unit was placed into service at the facility engaged in repair and manufacture of electric motors, generators and transformers. The primary development area of the said facility includes application of technologies that enable to keep to minimum negative impact on active machine parts while under repairs, as well as to improve reliability and durability of the repaired and updated equipment.

Equipment with capacity of 35 cubic meters of nitrogen per hour with 99.999% purity and 2 MPa pressure is used to cut electrical steel and as part of vacuum-pressure impregnation unit, in particular compound impregnation and storage conditions.

R&P Co. Grasys units and plants in its entirety are subject to complex factory tests with bringing to stable operating conditions witnessed by the Customer at the company’s own facility located in the city of Domodedovo or while starting-up and commissioning equipment at the Customer’s.

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