Grasys Training Center

16 April 2024

Grasys Training Center, the primary purpose of which is training and qualification improvement for specialists in air and gas separation, has been conducting activities since 2017.

The training goal is to increase theoretical skills level and develop hands-on experience in the operation and maintenance of gas separation and compressor equipment.

The training is based on the approved programs subject to the type and quantity of equipment operated by the Customer, with a total duration of 72 hours and includes both book knowledge and case studies.

Supplementary vocational education is provided activity-specific as follows:

  • Membrane air separation unit operation and maintenance
  • Adsorption air separation unit operation and maintenance
  • Membrane hydrocarbon gas mixture treatment unit operation and maintenance
  • Compressor unit and station operation and maintenance

Upon accomplishment trainees are awarded a duly executed certificate of advanced vocational training issued by non-profit educational institution of Grasys supplementary vocational education.

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News date:  16.04.2024 12:13:00

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