GRASYS has supplied a large-scale nitrogen plant for OJSC Kosogorsky Metallurgical Plant

14 July 2009

Membrane nitrogen plantPursuant to a recent contract, GRASYS has supplied for OJSC Kosogorsky Metallurgical Plant (OJSC KMZ) a large-scale nitrogen plant rated for 2,000 nm³/hr of 95% nitrogen. Nitrogen produced will be used for support of the cast house aspiration, stock house and other dry gas cleaners.

OJSC KMZ is one of the Russia’s leading producers of high-purity pig iron, ferro-manganese, industrial and ornamental casting. GRASYS was chosen as a supplier of the nitrogen system on a tender basis among other Russian and foreign manufacturers of air separation equipment. No small part in GRASYS being selected as the supplier played its profound market experience, growth history, successful implementation of innovative technologies, performance of technically complex projects ad high quality of equipment and service maintenance.

One of the major advantages of GRASYS plants are their full automation. That is why the systems require no attendance by service personnel. In such plants, the gas separation unit has no moving parts which ensures their exceptional reliability.

GRASYS membrane nitrogen plants allow producing nitrogen at the minimum cost. The price of nitrogen produced is 20–30 times lower than in case of cylinder or liquid nitrogen purchase.

Today, GRASYS is one of the largest and most reputable companies in the field of gas separation. GRASYS is also one of the world leading manufacturers of membrane and adsorption plants for nitrogen and oxygen production, hydrogen concentration, gas mix control etc.

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