GRASYS has supplied a mobile nitrogen station for OJSC Gazprom

18 August 2009

As part of the project of the Polyany compressor station reconstruction (Republic of Bashkortostan) on the Urengoi-Petrovsk pipeline, GRASYS has supplied a mobile nitrogen station to LLC Gazprom transgaz Ufa, a subsidiary of OJSC Gazprom. The supplied station is designed for equipment purging and fire safety assurance at the Polyany CS.

GRASYS mobile nitrogen station allows producing 300 nmі/hr of 95% gaseous nitrogen from atmospheric air. In the process of station operation, product nitrogen purity may easily be adjusted ensuring the maximum operating efficiency. In manufacture of the mobile nitrogen station, the most recent membrane air separation technology was utilized.

Due to the use of advanced design developments, GRASYS nitrogen stations combine compact dimensions and high productivity with reliability, serviceability and simplicity of operation. The station operating temperature range is 50 °С to +50 °С. GRASYS mobile nitrogen stations were recommended for adoption at all facilities of OJSC Gazprom. Specifically, nitrogen stations are recommended for use at CS, BCS, UGSF CS for pipelines purging and pressure testing, impulse gas drying and generation, preparation for permanent storage and other applications.

GRASYS nitrogen stations capacity varies within the limits of 100 to 5,000 nmі/hr, nitrogen purity — within the range of 90 to 99.5%, product gas pressure reaches 400 atm. GRASYS nitrogen stations are distinguished by enhanced reliability proven by operation in the Far North and Siberia regions.

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