GRASYS has supplied three mobile nitrogen stations to the world largest energy company

25 September 2009

Pursuant to recent contracts, GRASYS has supplied three mobile membrane nitrogen stations to the world largest energy company. All the nitrogen systems supplied are designated for equipment purging and fire safety assurance as part of the required operating procedures.

The mobile nitrogen stations supplied by GRASYS are rated to produce 95% gaseous nitrogen from atmospheric air and differ in capacity in accordance with the Customer requirements: 1,000 nm³/hr, 600 nm³/hr and 180 nm³/hr.

All stations are equipped with the up-to-date automatic control system (ACS) ensuring the complete and most efficient control of the systems operation. Apart from the manual and automatic local control of the station operation, the remote control option is provided. The ACS implements the control algorithm and monitors the plant performance parameters. It also allows tracking malfunctions and emergency situations and provides necessary safety interlocks and the self-diagnostics system.

Additionally, ACS enables separate control of individual equipment units or unit assemblies, which helps enhance its operating flexibility. The ACS control panel is based on an industrial type controller (PLC), equipped with an LC display and “short-cut” buttons for quick access to the critical functions.

In the process of stations operation, product nitrogen purity may easily be adjusted to achieve the maximum level of cost effectiveness. In manufacture of mobile nitrogen stations, GRASYS uses its state-of-the-art membrane technology of air separation.

The capacity of GRASYS nitrogen stations varies within the limits of 100 to 5,000 nm³/hr and nitrogen purity within the limits of 90 and 99.5%, the outlet gas pressure reaches 400 atm. GRASYS nitrogen stations are distinguished by utmost reliability proven by their operation in the Far North and Siberia regions.

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