GRASYS Takes Parts in Coping with the Kamchatka Region Gas Supply Challenges

23 October 2009

As part of the OJSC Gazprom project “Kamchatka Region Gas Supply. First Stage — Gas Supply for Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Development of the Kshukskoe and Nizhne-Kvakchinskoe Gas Condensate Fields”, GRASYS is to supply nitrogen stations for assurance of the Central Processing Facility (CPF) safe performance and the oxygen production system for metal cutting and welding.

For the moment, the gasification level of the Kamchatka Region is below 1%. In 2009, the Kamchatka Region was included in the Gazprom gasification program providing for construction of a branch pipeline from the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky based automatic gas distribution station (AGDS) to TPP-2.


As part of the first stage of the companies' cooperation, two mobile nitrogen stations have been supplied rated to produce 15 cu. meters per hour of 99%, nitrogen, one of which also provides for recovery of 60 cu. meters per hour of instrument air.

Membrane nitrogen stations offer the most profitable performance solution for nitrogen production from atmospheric air. The station main gas separation unit consists of the state-of-the-art composite nano-membrane designed for air separation.

Mobile nitrogen stations are equipped with the modern automatic control system (ACS) ensuring the most complete and efficient control of stations operation. Apart from manual and automatic local control of the stations, the remote control option is provided. The ACS implements the control algorithm and monitors the station performance parameters, allowing to keep track of malfunctions and incidences, has necessary safety interlocks and the self-diagnostics system.

Besides, the ACS allows individually controlling certain stations equipment assemblies or their groups which enhances the system operational flexibility. The ACS control panel is based on the industrial type PLC, has the active LC display and the «short-cut» buttons for quick access to the most important functions.

GRASYS mobile nitrogen stations are recommended for adoption at all facilities of OJSC Gazprom. Specifically, nitrogen stations are recommended for use at CS, BCS, CS UGSF for pipelines purging and pressure testing, impulse gas generation, long-term storage and other applications.

Also, as part of the first stage of the companies' cooperation, the mobile oxygen station has been supplied designed for production of 15 cu. meters per hour of 95% oxygen with the option of oxygen cylinders filling.

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