GRASYS mobile nitrogen stations are in operation at LLC RN-Purneftegaz fields in Western Siberia

27 January 2010
LLC RN-Purneftegaz

Pursuant to a recent contract, GRASYS has supplied a mobile nitrogen station to LLC RN-Purneftegaz. The station will be used in the Komsomolskoe field (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District).

The mobile nitrogen station is designed to meet the requirements of the associated petroleum gas recovery processes and serve the nitrogen based gas fire-fighting purposes. Overall, GRASYS has supplied 7 nitrogen stations to be operated in LLC RN-Purneftegaz fields as part of the associated petroleum gas recovery program.

The capacity of the nitrogen membrane station designated for the Komsomolskoe field is 200 cubic meters of nitrogen with the purity of 99.5%. In the process of station operation, gas purity may easily be regulated ensuring the maximum efficiency mode. In manufacture of its mobile nitrogen stations, GRASYS used the advanced membrane technology of air separation.

The nitrogen station supplied is equipped with the up-to-date automatic control system (ACS) allowing most comprehensive and efficient control of systems operation. Apart from the manual and automatic controls, the station may also be remotely operated. The ACS enables individual operation of equipment units or unit groups helping to enhance flexibility of its operation. The ACS control panel is based on an industrial type controller (PLC) and has active LC display and “hot” buttons for quick access to the crucial functions.

Due to the use of advanced design developments, GRASYS nitrogen stations combine small footprint and high capacity, while ensuring energy efficiency, reliability, ease of maintenance and operation. The stations operating temperature range is −50 °C up +50 °C.

GRASYS nitrogen stations ensure production capacity within the limits of 100 to 5,000 nm³/hr, nitrogen purity of 90 to 99.5% and the product gas pressure of up to 400 atm. GRASYS nitrogen stations offer utmost reliability proven by operation in Far North and Siberia regions.


The APG recovery program being implemented in the Kharampurskoe and Khasyreiskoe fields is part of the NK Rosneft gas handling program aimed at 95-percent associated gas disposition. The total scope of investment involved in the solution of APG recovery issues exceeds 5bn rubles, and ERU sales contracts will help boosting cost effectiveness of company projects. In September 2008, Rosneft entered into a similar contract with the World Bank with regard to the Komsomolskoe field in Western Siberia.


Strengthening its presence in the international market, GRASYS is currently one of the largest and most reputable companies in the field of gas separation collaborating with the world major players in the fuel and energy industry. GRASYS is also one of the world leading manufacturers of membrane and adsorption plants for nitrogen and oxygen production, hydrogen concentration, gas mixtures control etc. commanding among others its own innovative technology of associated gas recovery.

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