GRASYS hydrogen plants prove an efficient solution for refineries targeting new fuel classes

14 April 2010

The adoption of the new technical regulations and transition to the new fuel classes will urge many refineries to promptly resolve the issues of reducing sulfur and aromatic hydrocarbons content in the production of gasoline and diesel fuel.

In view of this, enterprises tend to place higher requirements for quality of hydrogen used in the hydrotreatment and isomerization processes.

Pursuant to Russian Federation Government Decree No. 1076 dd. December 30, 2008 (Moscow) “On amendment of Russian Federation Government Decree No. 118 dd. 27 February, 2008”, all gasoline to be produced in the country since January 1, 2011 shall comply with the Euro 3 class, and since January 1, 2012, all fuel, both diesel and gasoline, shall already comply with the Euro 4 class. This way, the country is expected to completely convert over the three years to the up-to-date environmentally friendly fuel identical to that used by western countries.

GRASYS plants designed for hydrogen recovery from process flows leverage the most recent developments of membrane and adsorption technologies and offer new opportunities for enhancing refineries efficiency and bringing sulfur content in diesel and gasoline production in line with the new state standards.

GRASYS specialists are continuously working at the improvement of hydrogen recovery technology in order to offer each customer a solution fully matching its needs for hydrogen consumption and enhancing its hydrogen loop efficiency.

GRASYS is pleased to offer its membrane based plants for hydrogen recovery applications offering hydrogen concentration of up to 99.5% at the capacity of up to 50,000 NCMH under pressures up to 120 bar.

GRASYS hydrogen plants

Hydrogen plants produced by GRASYS on the basis of adsorption technology allow concentrating hydrogen up to 99.9995% and producing up to 70,000 NCMH under pressures up to 30 bar.

GRASYS is the Russian market leader and one of the major European producers of equipment designated for process gases production, hydrogen recovery and associated petroleum gas utilization.

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