GRASYS oxygen station for operation at OJSC Gazprom remote sites

17 May 2010

Pursuant to a recent contract, GRASYS has supplied a mobile oxygen station for cylinders filling to LLC Gazprom transgaz Yugorsk, a subsidiary of OJSC Gazprom. Oxygen to be produced by the GRASYS supplied station will be used to cover in-house needs as part of repair and construction activities in the Bobrovsk local gas transmission facility (Vykhma, Tumen region).

GRASYS new-generation commercially produced transportable station AKS-25 enables the on-site production of 15 cubic meters of 95% oxygen per hour.

GRASYS oxygen station allows deploying a full service production of 95% oxygen including cylinders filling under 150 atm, without sacrifice of its compactness and transportability. The station contains a filling manifold compartment comprising 6 oxygen cylinders. The station operation requires only 380V power supply, whereby its actual power consumption is limited by 50 kW. The station warm-up period does not exceed 10 minutes.

All the equipment is installed in a standard block container with the dimensions of 2500×2500×6000 mm. The container is fitted with the positive ventilation and heating systems and the single control and monitoring unit. Control of the GRASYS supplied station is ultimately simplified for convenience purposes.

GRASYS oxygen station for operation at OJSC Gazprom remote sites
GRASYS oxygen station for operation at OJSC Gazprom remote sites

The system key competitive edge is ensured by the use of the highly reliable imported compressor equipment. The station container has the advanced ventilation and heating system contributing to the station reliable operation under sever climatic conditions. The complete equipment package is designated to minimize manned attendance during the station operation. The station is actuated by pushing a few buttons and operates automatically in line with the established algorithms — valves sequencing, condensate draining, compressors startup/shutdown etc.

GRASYS oxygen station is ideal for use at construction sites and various type remote facilities where gaseous oxygen is required. The AKS station may be provided chassis mounted for its quick relocation to any required work site. The station high capacity allows promptly supplying oxygen deficit and moving the station to the next facility.

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