GRASYS has supplied a nitrogen plant for the agricultural holding Agro Invest

1 June 2010

Pursuant to a recent contract, GRASYS has supplied a nitrogen plant for the large agricultural holding Agro Invest. Nitrogen produced by the GRASYS supplied plant will be used as one of the multi-component gases for meat products packaging in a modified atmosphere at the Volgograd Meat Processing Plant affiliated to the agricultural holding.

The capacity of the plant supplied is 11 cubic meters of 99.95% nitrogen per hour.

The key point of the modified atmosphere packaging process (MAP) is that air contained in the packing is displaced by a mixture of inert gases (normally, nitrogen and carbon dioxide) which excludes or retards the process of oxidation (spoilage) of food products. MAP helps to slow down growth of microorganisms and suppress moldering, as well as to reduce the speed of the product «breathing» process (gaseous exchange with the environment).

The main component of the gas mixture used for most products is nitrogen — up to 96%. Apart from the use of available nitrogen produced with the conventional cryogenic method, there is an alternative production method utilizing GRASYS up-to-date membrane and adsorption plants. This nitrogen production method is less expensive and more convenient as compared with others, since nitrogen is recovered directly from air used as a raw material. Absence of the need for purchase, transportation and storage of gas cylinders also plays an important role: it is sufficient to buy lacking gases and mix them as needed.

GRASYS nitrogen plants are characterized by low operating costs; the prime cost of nitrogen produced is relatively low (the key expense item is energy costs). The plants have moderate dimensions and weight which enables their installation in almost any premises and easy maintenance. The plants do not require control by specially trained personnel due to their unattended operation.

The configuration of the adsorption nitrogen plant supplied for the Volgograd Meat Processing Plant includes air compressor, air pretreatment unit, adsorption gas separation unit and plant control system. Due to complete automation, the plant does not require continuous control during operation. Among other benefits of GRASYS nitrogen plants are the short startup/shutdown period and quick process stabilization.

GRASYS equipment for nitrogen production in various concentration required in the flow process has already been successfully in use at food industry enterprises for food products packaging and extending their shelf life.

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