CJSC SMART packages its products under nitrogen produced by GRASYS equipment

21 July 2010

GRASYS has supplied a nitrogen plant to CJSC SMART — one of the largest producers of roasted sunflower seeds in Russia. Nitrogen produced by GRASYS plant is used in the technological process of sunflower seeds packaging and storing.

The capacity of the plant is 85 cubic meters of 99.9% nitrogen per hour.

The complete set of the adsorption nitrogen plant supplied comprises the adsorption type gas separation unit and the plant control system. A very important plant advantage is the simplicity of its control and operation. Due to complete automation, the plant does not require continuous control. Among other advantages of GRASYS nitrogen adsorption plants are the short startup and shutdown periods, small footprint and light weight.

The plants are manufactured with the use of state-of-the-art technologies allowing to guarantee high quality and reliability of equipment.

Adsorption nitrogen plants are suitable for a broad range of applications, especially those requiring relatively high nitrogen purity. The plants find use in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical and petroleum industries.

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