GRASYS has supplied a mobile nitrogen station for OJSC Gazprom

29 July 2010

GRASYS has supplied a mobile nitrogen station for LLC Gazprom transgaz Yugorsk, the subsidiary of OJSC Gazprom. The station supplied is designated for equipment purging and fire safety assurance at the Novokomsomolskaya compressor station.

The mobile nitrogen station supplied by GRASYS allows producing from atmospheric air 1,000 nm³/hr of 95% nitrogen. During the station operation, nitrogen purity may be easily regulated ensuring the maximum efficiency operation mode. In manufacture of the mobile nitrogen station, GRASYS utilized the up-to-date membrane technology of air separation. The station operational reliability is ensured by component parts of the world leading manufacturers of compressor equipment, the membrane modules useful life is up to 180,000 hours.

The mobile nitrogen station supplied is equipped with GRASYS state-of-the-art high-technology automatic control system (ACS) which helps ensure complete and efficient system operation control. Apart from manual and automated local control of station operation, there is a remote control option provided. The ACS allows individually controlling equipment units of plants or plant groups, which enhances flexibility of its application. The ACS control panel is designed on the basis of industrial type controller (PLC) and equipped with an LC-display and «hot» buttons for quick access to crucial functions.

Due to the adoption of advanced design accomplishments, nitrogen stations combine small footprint with enhanced capacity and simplicity in operation and maintenance. The stations operating temperature range is −50 °С to +50 °С. Mobile nitrogen stations produced by GRASYS are recommended for use at all facilities of OJSC Gazprom. In particular, nitrogen stations are recommended for use at compressor stations, booster compressor stations and CS underground gas storage facilities for pipelines purging and pressure testing, impulse gas drying and generation, long-term storage and other applications.

Today, GRASYS is the leader in the field of supply of nitrogen and oxygen systems in Russia, well positioned to offer its customers innovative and cost effective solutions for support of companies with gas separation equipment.

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