GRASYS has supplied a membrane nitrogen plant to the Yelabuzhskaya TPP

8 September 2010

Pursuant to a recent contract, GRASYS has supplied a membrane nitrogen plant to the Yelabuzhskaya TPP run by PEO TAENERGO (Yelabuga, Republic of Tatarstan). Nitrogen produced by the GRASYS plant will be used for temporary shutdown of Yelabuzhskaya TPP power boilers.

Nitrogen is a non-toxic and non-explosive gas without color and odor. Under an insignificant excessive pressure nitrogen prevents access of wet air and other aggressive gases to the standby vessels (power boilers), which ensures stability of the previously created protective metal film coating during the entire temporary shutdown period.

PEO TAENERG integrates all major energy companies of the Republic of Tatarstan within the framework of a single energy system, being at the same time part of the common energy system of Russia.

The plant supplied is rated for production of 20 to 60 cubic meters of 95 to 99% nitrogen per hour. The key parts comprising GRASYS membrane plants are the compressor unit, air treatment unit, gas separation unit and the control system. The gas separation unit consists of specifically configured modules producing the required purity nitrogen from atmospheric air.

Due to the adoption of the most recent developments, GRASYS nitrogen plants offer a number of advantages:

  •  the plant is completely automated and does not require manned support during operation;
  •  the purity of nitrogen produced may be adjusted on an as needed basis; 
  •  the plant is highly reliable with the membrane unit operational life of up to 180,000 hours.

Membrane nitrogen production plants find extensive application in almost all fields of human activity where nitrogen purity is not a must. The overwhelming majority of gaseous nitrogen applications is predetermined by its inert properties; it is used in large volumes in the oil and gas complex, at chemical and petrochemical enterprises, in metallurgy, food industry and in a wide variety of other industries.

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