GRASYS has supplied a nitrogen plant for the largest roasted sunflower seeds producer CJSC SMART

3 February 2011

In connection with the increase in the 99.9% nitrogen consumption, GRASYS has supplied an additional adsorption nitrogen plant for the largest roasted sunflower seeds producer CJSC SMART. The aggregate capacity of the two GRASYS nitrogen systems makes up 150 cubic meters of nitrogen per hour. The nitrogen produced will be used in the technological processes of packaging and storage of sunflower seeds.

The supplied adsorption nitrogen plant includes the adsorption gas separation unit and the plant control system. A critical advantage of the plant is its simple control and operation. Due to full automation the plant does not require constant control of operator. Among other benefits of GRASYS adsorption plants is their quick startup and shutdown combined with small footprint and weight. The integration of the plant in the company existing flow process requires minimum installation without a special foundation. The commercial production of this type equipment and multi-stage control of the flow processes guarantees superior quality and high reliability of GRASYS nitrogen systems.

This nitrogen production equipment has proved ideal for Russian food industry companies where nitrogen is normally used for extending the shelf life, packaging products and other production process.

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