Grasys First Innovative Industrial Plant for Associated Petroleum Gas Recovery Launched in Russia

14 December 2010

The Russian research and production company GRASYS has successfully brought on-streamnano-membrane based innovative plant for associated petroleum gas (APG) recovery slated for commercial operation as part of the OJSC GAZPROM gas transmission system to help completely resolve the issue of APG recovery at one of the OJSC NK Rosneft fields.

Grasys first industrial membrane industrial plant for associated petroleum gas recovery

Grasys first industrial membrane industrial plant for associated petroleum gas recovery

The APG recovery problem is one the today’s most pressing challenges facing the oil and gas production industry. «An outrageous fact or an example of inefficient use of energy resources» was labeled by the RF President Dmitry Medvedev in his annual message to the RF Federal Assembly the practice of associated petroleum gas burning.

In 2009, the Decree of the Russian Government «On Motivation of Reducing Atmospheric Air Pollution with Associated Petroleum Gas Flaring Products» established a target indicator of APG recovery at 95%. The achievement of this level is the priority issue for oil and gas producing companies. However, there is a number of factors preventing the APG use optimization up to the required 95% level. These include, among others, the absence, until recently, of technologies allowing to meet this challenge in an efficient way and without heavy capital expenses, especially in fields with moderate APG production volumes.

The Russian company GRASYS has developed a break-through technology on the basis of an innovative hollow-fiber gas separation nano-membrane CARBOPEEK set to accomplish a range of tasks related to APG treatment and further recovery.

GRASYS membrane plants for APG treatment have undergone a series of tests at OJSC NK Rosneft facilities and demonstrated excellent performance. The technical characteristics obtained were fully compliant with the design ones.

Grasys membrane industrial APG recovery plant operation site

Grasys membrane industrial APG recovery plant operation site

In December, 2010, the first GRASYS membrane gas separation plant for APG production was launched at the Novoukrainskaya CS of LLC RN-Krasnodarneftegaz, a subsidiary of OJSC NK Rosneft for commercial operation as part of the OJSC Gazprom GTS.

The plant allows reducing the dew point by more than 40 °C for water and more than 25 °C for hydrocarbons, reducing the hydrogen sulfate content by 40 times (with the initial content of up to 250 mg/m³) and mercaptanes content by 30 times. The gas delivered by the membrane plant fully conforms to the OST 51.40–93 requirements, which is a condition precedent to gas supply to the Gazprom gas transmission system.

Internal view of GRASYS membrane APG recovery plant

Internal view of GRASYS membrane APG recovery plant

Apart from APG treatment for transportation purposes, the associated petroleum gas treated at GRASYS membrane plants may be used as a fuel for piston-type (GPES) and gas piston (GTES) power stations, as a raw material for motor fuel production or an injection fluid for formation pressure maintenance. This helps cover all possible APG application areas.

This technology is characterized by high energy efficiency due to its low metal consumption and moderate operating expenses as compared with other alternative technologies. APG treatment plants based on CarboPEEK membrane need almost zero power supply during operation.

The use of GRASYS membrane plants for APG treatment in the OJSC NK Rosneft fields is a telling example of a successful development and introduction of innovative technologies by the Russian company, fruitful cooperation of researchers and industrialists in coping with the most important tasks of the Russia’s economic development.


OJSC NK Rosneft is the leader of the Russian oil industry and one of the major publicly traded oil and gas companies worldwide. Rosneft main activities are oil and gas exploration and production, petroleum and petrochemical products recovery and selling the company products. The company is high on the list of the Russian strategic enterprises.

Strengthening its market presence, GRASYS is currently considered one of the largest and most reputable companies in the field of gas separation. It cooperates with the world majors in the fuel and energy complex and ranks among the world leading producers of membrane and adsorption plants for nitrogen and oxygen production, hydrogen concentration, gas mix control, furthermore, it commands its own innovative technology of associated petroleum gas recovery.

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