GRASYS equipment to be operated at the Nord Stream gas pipeline compressor stations

11 November 2010

As part of a recent contract, GRASYS has supplied a mobile nitrogen station to LLC Gazprom transgaz Ukhta, a subsidiary of OJSC Gazprom. The station will be used for equipment purging and fire safety assurance at the Babaevskaya compressor station.

The Nord Stream gas pipeline is a fundamentally new Europe-bound export route of Russian gas transmission. The gas pipeline will stretch through the Baltic Sea water area from the Portovaya bay (in the vicinity of Vyborg) to the Germany coast (in the vicinity of Greifswald). The pipeline length will be about 1200 km.

The gas pipeline will be supported by seven compressor stations: Gryazovetskaya, Sheksninskaya, Babaevskaya, Pikalevskaya, Volkhovskaya, Yelizavetinskaya and Portovaya supplied with highly reliable GRASYS mobile nitrogen stations.

The capacity of the station supplied by GRASYS to the Babaevskaya CS is 300 cubic meters of 95% nitrogen per hour.

The mobile nitrogen station making of GRASYS is manufactured on the basis of the state-of-the-art membrane air separation technology. Reliability of the station operation is ensured by the component parts of the world leading producers of compressor equipment; the membrane modules have the service life up to 180,000 hours.

The up-to-date intelligent control system GRASYS Intelligent Control 7 used exclusively on GRASYS branded equipment enables efficient automatic, manual and remote control and monitoring of the process parameters with the archiving option. The use of the gas separation plant automatic startup system allows enhancing operating reliability of the gas separation unit. GRASYS Intelligent Control 7 operates in various industrial networks, including Internet.

Due to the use of the advanced design developments, he nitrogen stations combine small footprint and high capacity with reliability, serviceability and simplicity of operation. The stations temperature range is within -50 °С to +50 °С. Mobile nitrogen stations produced by GRASYS were recommended for adoption at all OJSC Gazprom facilities. The nitrogen stations are also recommended for use at CS, BCS, CS UGSF for purging and pressure testing of pipelines, drying and generation of impulse gas, long-term storage and other applications.

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